DroidX Reboot at "M" after CM7 Rom install

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    I am really new to trying anything like this and was reading around about rooting. I followed this tutorial [TUTORIAL]Simple Gingerbread .602 SBF and Root Process (Updated 9.9.11) - Android Forums and when I loaded the CM7 it of course finished install and restarted. I saw the red M on the screen and was excited thinking I did it right. Then the screen went black and came back to the red M again. It continuously does this without stopping as long as the battery is in. I can't get it to be recognized by my pc now so sbf-ing is kinda impossible since i can't get the RSD Lite to recognize what to sbf. :/ So I was wandering is it royally @!$#% and I go buy new one or is it something I can fix?
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