Droids vs. M/G/X

Discussion in 'Motorola General Discussions' started by mcraeh, Sep 5, 2014.

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    I'm interested in the new Turbo to be frank. The specs look ridiculous and I for one am very interested in the specs. It seems to me also that with bigger phones one tends to get longer battery life, prob because they can fit a bigger battery in there... My Note 3 can get 3 days sometimes if not using my LG G watch on Bluetooth. I understand you all don't want big phones but for me its worth the trade offs to get better battery life and be able to browse the web and read ebooks comfortably. The Turbo on the other hand (rumored to have a 5.2" screen) would probably suffice for me and with the rumored specs I'd be interested in that phone even at full retail price whatever that might be. Can't wait to learn more about the Turbo!

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