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    Hello Fellow Droidians,

    I have been holding back until there was a phone that did what others couldn't on a network that has service everywhere.

    Queue the Verizon's htc Incredibile. They should call the owners of this device "The Amazed" because that is what I am. I own an iPod Touch so I do understand the iPhone interface and I know without a doubt that the Incredible and many other Android based handsets blows the iPhone away.

    I am a Telecommunications Engineer and I use my phone all the time for many reasons and I am very critical of these devices. The Incredible blows me away. The more I do, the more I find I can do.

    Things I would love to see would be an active USB port that doesn't act, for the most part as a client and could act as a serving device so we could plug it into powered USB hubs and have all kinds of new interfaces available to us. The first 2 I would use would be a serial and a Ethernet type connections. Imagine plugging your phone into a working network with an Android version of Wireshark working on it. Too Cool!

    (Admins move this if you think it should be - thanks!)


    I did my research before I asked and I did not see a a direct answer to this specific question.

    Is there an APP that will allow me to connect my phone to my work PC and pull the contacts from Outlook? Before you answer I need to explain that I can not connect to GMail from the computer I need to pull the contact info from. Everything that I have found requires that connectivity or it is a big money APP.

    Any help is appreciated!