Droid2 Screen Freaking Out

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by KrisDW, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I know there's another post about this, but I have a different model and mine's doing a few different things. Although some of the things are the same.. its a bit different.

    It started about two weeks ago, I had a theory that it was because it was so cold outside..I mean the temps really dropped to freezing and below, and my finger tips get ice-cold. It wouldn't recognize my finger tips at all at first, it was a struggle to open the internet, text, anything. If I use the keyboard it seemed okay.

    Then it started doing the.. pulsing thing? The jolt it does when you open a ap, or hit a button, or unlock it. It would pulse while the screen was open/on.. not even unlocked on my desk.

    I have used it as a mp3 player almost on and off at work, and it seems fine when I wanna change the song. And it works okay with just that.

    Internet browsing has become almost impossible. Once in a grand while (it seems to be when it's very warm/dry) it will behave. But usually it won't. It freaks out and keeps back-peddling.. all the way back to the main Google front page.

    Texting is hard to do because again, it will back-peddle to the main screen. And sometimes freak out and go to the "Say a Command" screen. (which I don't use or have anything set up with it like that. It's just a part of the phone I don't use at all.)

    But with the screen freaking out, its becoming a struggle to make phone calls.

    It just seems like everything is getting worse.

    I'd be taking it to the Verizon store and ask them whats up with it, but with the mad holiday rush these past two weeks and another winter storm about to hammer us.. I don't have that choice.

    Someone suggested the sweat/moister from pants pocket could be doing it. That would make some sense. But it still acts up even when it can't be in my pants-for example I'd have it on charge and bring it off. And it would freak out a bit. I don't know if that's from my icy fingers or not..

    Thanks in advance.
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