Droid X2 hard/soft case and car dock

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    I've got a good one for anyone who likes accessories. Recently upgraded to an X2 from an original Droid, and all of my problems were solved. One, however, was created in the process. I spend a lot of time in my car, and I had sort of a system going with the original. It would sit vertically in a generic cradle clipped to my center air vents. Power in from a charger, audio out to my system, and a cheap bluetooth in the glove box if I needed it. Well, the X2's power/data port is located much lower on the phone, making it completely incompatible with the cradle, and even my cup holders and center console.

    I would love to use this as an opportunity to buy the official car dock, but there's a problem. I use a case, and a moderately thick one at that. I've seen the guides on how to modify the dock to make phones fit with their cases on, and I'd have no problem doing it. They all demonstrate with one of the thin, more cosmetic cases, or a flimsy silicone skin. I use the Incipio Silicrylic hard/soft case, with a two part shell. At the data port, I roughly measured a case thickness of 3mm or just under 1/8 inch. After doing the mod, will the phone w/case even sit snugly in the dock? Will the charger reach? I don't have a dock in front of me to test it, so I thought somebody here might have the means to try.
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