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    Hello. I currently have 3 Droid X's. One is activated and the other two are not. Two of them were my daughters. But one out of the two of them were reported lost. (She had lost it for a month and I found it in a pouch, dead on her 4-wheeler) The other one is the replacement for that one. But her mother decided to get her a iPhone4 because Verizon wasn't good enough. Rather than canceling her line (Which would be about 300 I think) Ive been wanting to have a house phone. I was wondering if I could somehow make it so that the phone that was reported Lost and my current phone could be set on that same line and I use her current one for myself or via-verse. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. My email is ArmyPunk17@yahoo.com if needed to speak in private.

    Thank you to all who can help