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    Having a problem on droid x GB 2.3.3 with menu, wallpaper, wallpapers. Selecting wallpapers (built in wallpapers), the gallery opens. If I just booted the phone, the gallery works properly. Sliding along the gallery, the centermost selection shows as large image in that window, and can be selected as the wallpaper. However, if I run almost any app on my phone, then try the same thing, I can slide the gallery, but the selected wallpaper does not show as a selectable wallpaper, and hitting the "select" button sets the wallpaper to the out-of-the-box default wallpaper. There is nothing that I can force close for "wallpaper" to reset that feataure and make it work.

    I don't really need any of those factory wallpapers - plenty of others available on the market, and those all work. But I am curious why the built in wallpaper selection app/gellery is not working on my phone. Makes me wonder what else is not working. Anybody else run into this?

    Also, when I updated GB a few months a go, that changed my wallpaper by itself to some kind of deep space galaxy image (static, not live), all by itself. It was a nice wallpaper, but having changed to another wallpaper, that one is nowhere to be found on my phone, so I can't get that one back again. Like above, anyone else experience this - what gives?
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