Droid X vs Treo 700wx (gap analysis)

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    I recently tried your new Droid X coming from my old Treo 700wx. I've been on the Treo for over 5 years now and very satisfied with no reason to leave. After hearing of all the functionality that your Droid X offers from the sales rep I was very excited to try it. However after trying it, I have been nothing but frustrated. I would think with a newer phone it would be able to do most of the things my old one could do, and more, but I later found that this is not the case. I wanted to pass on my feedback so maybe you can make your phones better in the future for us longtime smart phone users. Here is a list of some of the things I liked along with all the problems I found. If anyone can help me with some solutions for my problems, that would be wonderful...

    -8.0 pixel camera! Great camera! Love the video too! (No need for me to carry a camera around anymore)
    -Allows for up to 32gb of storage, enough for me to store all of my MP3 (No need to carry around a iPod anymore)
    -Built in GPS (No need to carry around my Bluetooth GPS receiver anymore)
    -Large screen!
    -The moving wallpaper is really cool, but not enough to make up for all of the missing functionality.
    -I like how it will read email to me, but I don't know how to stop it from reading everything on every screen to me, it's too much!

    -It turns on all by itself in my case? My case has a magnetic flap on it to keep it closed. A phone should not just turn on by itself when around a magnetic!
    -The home page doesn't rotate when it's on it side, but you offer car mounts and cradles on their side? If I'm going to store it on the side, I don't want to look at my icons sideways?
    -It doesn't sync well with outlook. Doesn't sync tasks or notes, but my Treo can, why is that?
    -I don't want to be notified every time I get an email, tried to turn this off but it didn't work?
    -I couldn't find a way to sync my favorites, and files with my computer like my Treo can (I used to use Activesync)?
    -I couldn't figure out how to watch Netflix movies from it, which I was told was possible?
    -It's pulling my contacts facebook pictures when I want that to pull from outlook?
    -It errors when trying to sync MP3's with MediaMonkey?
    -I can't play MP3's by genera?
    -The music keeps playing when trying to answer a call? My Treo pauses the music when a call comes in.
    -The battery dies really fast!!
    -I store phone number in outlook with text to the right of the number explaining what the number is for, but when I try to dial the number from the phone it thinks its all numbers and tries to call China?
    -I can't figure out how to edit my contacts notes from the phone to sync back to that contacts record in outlook?
    -I hate not having a front keyboard, it's very cumbersome to type without a keyboard!!
    -When I'm skiing I like to have buttons on the phone to change the songs from in my coat pocket. Without the keyboard, I would have to pull the phone out of my pocket every time I want to change the track. The Treo can do this.
    -It's very cumbersome to search for a contact, on the Treo I can search right from the homepage by just typing a couple digits of a name, I can't do this on the Droid, I have to first go into contacts, then touch search, then type, then click next. It takes too long!!
    -The MP3's play with a lot of interference (very scratchy).
    -The charging port is on the side, it works best if it's on the bottom so I can side into an upright docking station.
    -The alarm is too quite
    -It won't read off my calendar reminders to my like the Treo
    -The vibrator isn't strong enough, I miss a lot of my calls because I can't feel them.
    -The voice recognition is cool for composing emails, but not worth the trouble because it's still buggy and doesn't work good with background noise. I spend more time fixing its errors than I would spend just having a keyboard and typing it myself.
    -It's missing an infrared port for easy computer syncing?
    -Where's the stylus? Very cumbersome for us users with large fingers!
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    The phone uses magnets to detect when it is docked. They are on the backside of the phone. The only fix is to either use an app like Dock Blocker - Android app on AppBrain or just don't use a magnetic case.

    Its currently not possible to watch Netflix movies on any phone running the Android OS. The Netflix app is supposed to be released next year for "a select few" phones with the security levels that Netflix is requiring. Which phones those are has not been announced.

    The battery drain issue can be because of the screen turning on because of the magnet, but it could be other things as well (task killers are a big no). To find out specifically, in the settings for the phone, there should be a way to pull up the battery info. What are the top users of the battery (screen and phone standby tend to be up there and its normal to be so)?

    As for searching for contacts, hit the search button on the front of the phone, click the "g" to switch from being a Google search to a search for contacts and start typing. For a different keyboard, try ThickButtons Keyboard - Android app on AppBrain or switch to a phone with a physical keyboard.

    Some of your complaints are hardware related, so can't be changed, but most software items can with time.
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