Droid X Up and Hung on Me - Can't Recover

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by quaffapint, Apr 6, 2012.

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    My daughter was playing a game on my DX with LibertyRom3. The game hung - no response from system at all buttons, nothing, which hasn't happened before.

    I pulled the battery, waited 45 mins, put back in, wouldn't start. Plugged into wall - screen turns on to show charging, but will never go above 60%. I can get into Clockwork Mod - I did cache and data reset. I reinstalled LibertyRom3 from SD card. But, every time that I'm even able to get Liberty booting, it goes right back to the M screen. I figured I would SBF it back to 602, but I can't get it to get into bootloader mode.

    Also, I can't do anything unless it's plugged into the wall outlet - USB won't work. If it's not plugged in, I get no response and can't boot at all.

    Is it possibly just a bad battery? Problem is I don't know how to take it into Verizon to have them look at it, since I can't SBF it back.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks kindly!
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