droid x supplies and 3rd party offers question

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid X' started by jvmxtra, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Hi, first time posting here.

    Great information we got going and appreciates it.

    Just 2 quick questions that just been lingering over my head for past several month as I patiently wait for something other than storm 1(GRRRRRRHHHHH) I was force to use for past year and half.

    1)Is droid incredible's lack of supplies abberation rather than what's to come on regular basis?(Latest and greatest phone issued every 3 to 6 month so no need to stock up like crazy?)

    I would hate this to be the case as I am really looking forward to get handle on droid X without going crazy(like for iphone 4's...)

    2)Will there be 3rd party offer of droid X like droid(I remember dell started to offer 2 week into droid's initial launch last year for lot less). I waited this long and i wish I can wait bit longer to get droid X at discounted price(one of many benefits of getting verizon based phone(Iphone never seems to go down :-( )..

    Any constructive feedback(forget that.. just any feedback) will be appreciated.

    thank you!!!!