Droid X Rom Vortex is Revitalized with the Release of VorteX Reloaded VXR

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    Most Droid X modders will be familiar with the Vortex Rom series originally developed by developer "DevVortex" it was and still is a very stable battery saving Rom based on 2.3.3. It was one of my favorites on the Droid X when i owned one because of its stability. This rom has received an update via developer "SlothlyX". This update looks to be a pretty big one. The Rom will now be compatible with the .621 update if you were brave enough to receive that update being that the root method requires far more effort than previous rootmethods, even requiring a linux system and a flash of a Milestone European SBF file.

    Some of the new features are the bootmenu, a Liberty style camera, added GPS enhancements, Some extra bloat removed such as kindle, gallery3d, and skype, Market updates fixed, MMS fixed, Facebook sync added, BoostedA$$v2 governor from developer BMc08GT added, and an all new bootanimation!

    Some features on the to do list that you can expect in later builds include Lockscreen options, new theme or optional themes, .621 libs, Beats audio, screenshot in power menu, Changes in the Vortex Toolbox, plus lots more.

    You can grab this Rom via RootzWiki

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