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    I have had my Droid X for about a month now and would like to share a few likes dislikes etc.

    The Camera on the phone is 8.0 MP and is great at taking both Pictures and Video.
    I have made a few videos of me autocrossing in my RX8 on YouTube using my Droid my driving is not great but the video quality is better then most peoples video cameras so that is a massive plus. I have not been able to turn off the flash on the camera though which is a pain.

    The Android has a super smart way of ensuring efficient batter life. Only problem is when the phone is new it wont last a day after a full charge. Over time the battery life improves and it will now last about 2 days.

    Free Satnav with both Google Maps and VZ Navigator both are great. But I usually use Google Maps. I had a Satnav in the UK what cost me 300 pound (about $450) and this is just as good. I have the dock so my Smartphone charges at the same time and is held securely in place on my Windscreen. Problems with the Satnav are it kill the phone battery quick so remember to turn it off when you get to your destination.

    Social Media
    There is an app available for everything I need Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mysapce, Picasa Skype, and much more. Lots of great widgets that give you an update on what is going on, I have the calendar on my home page to make sure I don't miss important meetings.

    If you are a Google Apps or Gmail user then everything is so easy on your phone you just sign in and within a couple of minutes everything is synced up. Giving you have access to your contacts, calendars, email and more. To date I have not had a single issue with the Droid X. Previously I had the BlackBerry Curve and had lots of Syncing Issuesbut the Android just works.

    The phone itself looks good and fits nicely in your pocket beside you wallet but make sure you lock the screen first or it has a habit of sending Texts or calling random people off Facebook.
    Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone.

    Thanks for reading and please tell me what you like/dislike about your Smartphone by adding a comment below.

    Paul Wright

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