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    I connect to my Exchange Server for corporate email. Prior to Froyo, I had problems with notifications showing up late on my Droid X ( known issue) - so I switched back to my Blackberry - After Froyo was released, I tried the DX again. Exchange email arrives correctly, but a new issue arose.

    Now if I receive a email and don't acknowledge it, the notification system repeats itself over and over every minute or so. Until I clear the notification bar.

    The Gmail settings menu has a "Notify Once" setting. This setting isn't in the other email setup areas.

    I loaded Froyo the day it came out and quickly realized I couldn't put up with the notification issue, so I am back on my Blackberry. I decided to start looking for a resolution to the problem again and have been unable to find any solutions, even on Motorola's website.

    I would love to switch back to the DX, but i'm not going to pickup my phone every time i get a email.

    IMO RIM has their notification systems down, I'm not ashamed to be set straight though...

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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