Droid X, Random Reboots, No Lock 'fix'

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by Jester6x, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I decided to purchase a used Droid X since we are probably looking at 3rd or 4th quarter before some of the big boys start dropping into Verizon stores (Targa and hopefully the Galaxy SII). I am coming from a rooted D1, so as soon as I received the DX I rooted only to stumble up several random reboots. Long story short I reflashed back to stock figuring it was a rooting issue and I just won't root.

    Dead wrong. On the way into work I had four random reboots and couldn't go 20 minutes without having the phone shut down and restart.
    Very dejected I franticly searched forum post after forum post looking for an answer. I stumbled upon a post that said they were having the same problem and to install the 'No Lock' app found in the market. This is like having your boiler go bad in your house and the repair man tell you to change the locks on the front door to fix it. But I was desperate. I installed 'No Lock' and now, 8 hours and 4 mins later, not one single reboot.

    Why? Can any one shed light on to why this would work? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I know a lot more than the average person when it comes to tech, but I am no tech expert and I am baffled. Also, is there a better fix out there that I am missing?