DROID X on its last leg?

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    About a month ago - ironically about a month before upgrade eligible - I started having issues with my phone. Camera will sometimes capture pictures but will not save them (not cool) and then the lower third of the screen started to "blur" and "quiver". Sometimes it helps to replace battery, sometimes - for a nanosecond - it's like the problem never existed (usually when I start researching iphones :blink:), and some days it has me thinking my phone won't last another day. I've uninstalled every app I don't use, cleared caches, moved things to SD card...not sure what else to try or expect. Suggestions?

    Update: hmm...sad that I got no response or replies from tech "support." I have totally enjoyed this phone til these problems started. I've had my eye on the Maxx for a while now but was hoping my phone would last til the Razr HD release...now I'm not sure I'll stick with Moto if the same issues will plague my future phone. Anyway...

    My camera seems to be functioning (although the capture is seriously lagging). The video is not working at all (and yes, I've tried to suggestions found here on other threads) but at least now it displays a frame of an actual picture whereas before there was just a generic icon.

    My swype keyboard became so messed up that I had to change to the multi-touch. (Don't hate it but have become quite spoiled by swype)

    I can live without the video but can someone tell me if the problem I'm having is with the swype keyboard or the hardware?
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