Droid x mikradle without the x!

Discussion in 'MIKRADLE' started by cuskit, Feb 4, 2011.

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    Do you own a Motorola Droid X and like the MIKRADLE EVOLUTION X but prefer the look of an EVOLUTION Standard (horizontal stripe inlay) instead of the "X" inlay? No problem as a customer recently learned. MIKRADLE has always been very agreeable to just about any modifications or custom models - building an EVOLUTION X Custom with a horizontal stripe is just one more example of what we do for our customers.

    So - if you prefer this look - just let me know when ordering and I'll happily accommodate you! :) mikey :)

    Here's a few pix to show the end result. The first photo shows a MIKRADLE EVOLUTION X (top left), a MIKRADLE EVOLUTION Standard (top right), and the MIKRADLE EVOLUTION X Custom (bottom).