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Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by barski, Nov 5, 2010.

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    My Droid X's microphone died today or late last evening. I am rooted, running fission rom, theme'd and was overclocked. My phone handled all of the above great with no problems when dialed in. I'm just not sure what caused my mic to fail.

    To explain my situation I can hear person on the other side of the line talk but they can't hear me. BUT once i turn it on speaker phone they can here me again, i think its because of the Droid X's 3 mic's. (yes its gets very annoying talking on speaker phone for a day) I tried a factory reset, different roms, and the *228 options 1 & 2 with no luck. I also tried a battery pull, that didn't solve my problem either.

    I took it into my local Verizon store, and now im getting a refurbished one set to my door step.

    If anyone has a fix or suggestion let me know, I don't really want to get ride of this phone. I had it since new, overclocked easy, and i never had any major problems with it.
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