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    Hello. As I'm sure many are familiar Verizon has chosen to cripple their bluetooth to prevent the default application Media Share from working via Bluetooth and personally that is the only way as DNLA I don't understand nor do I believe I have anything compatible with it. lol.

    Now a brief history. I was able to use media share successfully for the past month until a recent factory reset (thanks verizon for your terrible syncin and losing my contacts). had to reset as my mms (pic/audio/etc txting had the national access coverage unavailable error) It is fixed now but my media share is crippled again. I do not know how it even activated to begin... perhaps a tether across wifi or something.. I don't know.

    My query is if anyone knows of an app or the like that will activate that application again w/o national access coverage error. It's quite silly that verizon cripples it because of "contractual agreements with providers through the 'get it now' program" when as droids we don't even have access to said 'get it now'. lol

    I am not very savy with technology (particularly phones) so any assistance with lamen terms would be greatly appreciated.
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