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    Got the extended battery for the Droid X 3 days ago. Fully discharged and recharged. Typical use for me is from 6am to 6pm and I've had Droid X since the day it was released and I'm always at about 30-40% by 6pm>

    Day 1.
    Had 47 min of phone calls
    12 txt messages
    17 emails
    At 6pm I was at 70% battery
    after some more txt and phone calls at midnight I was at 60%

    Day 2
    37 min of phone calls
    23 txt messages
    8 emails
    20min of nav with screen off and at 5:30 I have 80% battery

    This battery is ridiculous. And the factory cover fit back on as though I had the factory battery. The cover that came with it made the Body Glove cover I had not stay fully snapped.

    I have NON rooted Droid X running 2.2
    I constantly run Lookout, Battery time, Advanced Task killer on start ups, Retro Clock and Date, Constant update weather widget, Motorola Calendar widget, missed call and have 3 push emails (google, corporate, yahoo)...62 apps installed. Did not use wifi or bluetooth either day.

    Quadrant Standard (Run full benchmark) is 1456

    I get a corporate discount with 9 phones so I got the BH6X and a MIFI 2200 from my verizon rep for $32 sent 2nd day air...what a freakin deal. My Droid X with the body glove cover delivered to my store was $152.

    FYI: the MIFI is awesome. Put unit inside my house and walked outside (total distance away was 45 feet) and was surfing web on iPad with decent speed.

    Pictures below are of my original droid...not my X.
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