Droid X Charging Issues..

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    Hey guys its hard for me to put my finger on what the problem is just yet but all I know for sure is that my phone is having some serious charging issues. I just recently had a new droid x sent to me from Asurion because of damages to my first one. When i got the phone initially everything seemed fine, but in the past few days this charging problem has surfaced.

    Ok here is the details I can give and all the things i have tried to do. Before I went to bed the other night i plugged in my phone. It had about 60% battery when i plugged it in. When i woke up the next morning the phone still read 60%. So the next day I tried to recharge it again with no luck. I did see that the phone went up 10% at one point, but not for long and then it eventually dropped back down. From there i restarted my phone to see if it would solve the problem. The same problem continued. Then i finally decided to do a factory reset on the phone. After the reset i noticed that when i turned on my phone, the battery now read 80% instead of the 60% from before. I thought the problem may have been fixed, but after attempting to charge again it was not. I then tried removing my SD card, charging with another charger, charging through USB, but still none of these methods were working. I then tried swapping my battery out with my old droid x battery. My old battery was dead, but then when i charged it it went from 0-15% quite rapidly. Note that the phone was off when the battery was charging. After seeing the battery level increase I turned on the phone with some encouragement that it might just be the battery. As soon as the phone was on the battery level never changed from 15% after nearly and hour. Then i put back in my battery from before that had at last 50% life when i took it out, and when i put it back in the phone now read it as 15%, the same as my old battery.

    So from what I am collecting i am assuming its something wrong with the phone and not the battery. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And also to re-verify, the phone model is a DROID X

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