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    Has any picked up a desktop dock for their Droid X recently?
    I finally found one that didn't give me any issues.

    I like it and I am able to use my extended battery with it also.
    Amazon.com: RND Power Solutions Deluxe 2nd Battery Cradle / Desktop Dock / charging station for Motorola Droid X: Electronics

    Will charge 2nd battery and phone with AC Charger at the same time :)

    I always switch batteries and charge my battery in the dock outside the phone.
    I feel like it gives the battery a better charge then using the standard AC charger comes with the phone.

    I have purchased other brands and always have some type of issue.
    • Lock My Phone
    • Interrupt phone calls
    • A light that could be a night light.
    • An Alarm when the 2nd battery has complete charging. Shocked me at 3AM
    • Not stable in the dock.
    • Bad Quality over all
    • Biggest Issue with most Docks: Can't charge the 2nd battery and phone at the same time with AC Charger.

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