Droid X ADB Issue After Connecting Droid 2

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    I'm not entirely sure that I'm posting this in the correct place, but it's the best place I can find. I rooted my droid x using adb a few months ago, and adb was able to connect to the device. My girlfriend recently got a droid 2, which I just rooted, and adb connected to her device. When I tried to reconnect my droid x, adb can no longer find the device. I am lost as to why this happened. For some reason, after installing the droid 2 drivers, my computer had to reinstall the droid x drivers when I reconnected it, but they installed successfully, so why can't adb recognize the droid x anymore?

    Update: Nevermind, I figured it out. I used to have to use charge only mode in order for adb to recognize my droid x. For some reason, after connecting the droid 2, I now have to use PC mode on the droid x and charge only mode on the droid 2.
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