Droid will not boot--SD card?

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    My new roommate spilled about half a pint of beer over my droid yesterday. I immediately picked up the phone, wiped off the exterior with a towel, then pulled the battery and let it sit and dry. Today I popped the battery back in and pressed the power button with fingers crossed and the following happens:

    Motorola Logo appears on screen as normal.
    About five seconds later white text appears on the left edge of the screen reading:


    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

    Upon plugging in the USB cable (connected to my PC) the "Connect USB Data Cable" bit changes to "Transfer Mode: USB" but nothing more happens.

    I then tried turning off the droid and powering it back on while holding X and then volume up and the shutter button simultaneously. The phone goes to the system recovery menu as usual, but upon trying any of the menu options they all fail. For instance, when I select "apply sdcard:update.zip" it tells me "E:Can't mount SDCARD:update.zip Installation aborted." I know this file was on the SD card because I recently updated (manually) to Froyo with no issues.

    I have a microSDHC card reader on the way to test if the card is busted, but I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions on what I can do?

    If I find the SD card is toast and buy a replacement, how should I format it and what set of files do I need to load onto it?

    Apologies for the long first post. Any help (or moral support) would be greatly appreciated!
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