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    I do believe Verizon has the open WiFi blocked so u can use their data they can charge you more! I done all the troubleshooting to it and also my friends Droid won't work either on open WiFi so I think Verizon has it blocked they say they don't but they lie all the time. Its ok on secured WiFi where u enter a password. Maybe I'm wrong I been fighting this for over a month now it getting old. The menu on WiFi says it connected but its not according to menu has excellent signal says connected. Try using the internet says no connection. The WiFi indicator on the phone tries to turn blue but it goes white. I called Motorola about it also they act like I don't know what I'm talking about they keep passing it on to someone else just like Verizon. If I'm doing something wrong please tell me cause know one else knows why either lol...
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