Droid - Screen lights up will not turn on running BB v4

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by BrownYacht, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Jul 16, 2010
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    I took my phone out of my pocket and I couldn't get to the home screen, or see anything for that matter. I tried to turn it off, but nothing happened. So I removed the battery and when I put it back in the phone's screen immediately lit up like it does before the motorola logo, except it never went anywhere.

    I tried to boot into recovery and the up with the d pad option. None of those worked. When I plug it into my computer, the light where the charger connects to the phone flashes on for a second, instead of staying on like intended. It will just stay blankly lit forever until I unplug it.

    Is this what a brick looks like?

    Thanks in advance...