Droid runs hot no matter what ROM/Kernel

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by scubasteve101, Jun 23, 2010.

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    About a 3 days ago my Droid started acting up. I was running BBv0.1 at the time and it had been running flawless since I upgraded from BBv1.1 (I upgraded whenever BBv0.1 came out however long ago that was). Anyway, all of a sudden my phone would randomly run really hot or randomly freeze on the unlock screen or just in random apps. The day before this started happening several apps were automatically updated so I blamed one of the updates for screwing things up. I restored my phone to a point when BBv0.1 was running good (before the updates), making sure to wipe data/cache 3x and it still had the same problem. It would randomly spike up to 45C and hold there as long as the phone was on...keep in mind it could run fine/cool for 6-7hours previous to this heat spike with no issues and then it would just randomly go crazy. I tried several different kernels (chevys, p3droid) at different clockspeeds and voltages to no avail.

    Now this morning I decided to get away from BB just to see if the issue was coming from there...I installed the new Kangerade released last night (6/22) with the stock kernel. I wiped the data/cache once again and it still is running hot. What gives? I'm now idling at about 41C with no apps open in the foreground. One widget (SetCPU) and nothing else running...

    My two apps I suspect are causing the heat issues/freezes are Handcent and System Panel Lite. Are there any other issues out there that could have caused this to happen, or any apps know to go crazy in the background and really heat up your phone? Any input is appreciated