Droid ROM install and 3g uncapping help

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    dancedroid Whew. Ok, well, I am new to rooting and such and also new to smartphones in general. First, I must explain what I am attempting to achieve by modding and rooting my droid x.

    I am trying to use my droid as a modem for an xbox 360. I have already rooted my phone with z4root. I am using barnacle wifi tether in order to connect the 360 slim to a wireless WAN. I am able to connect online; however, I would like to get a better speed, so after spending all day going though threads online, I have found a possible solution. Due to the fact that I am new to this I am at a loss with all the jargon and apps. It appears that by setting up a new ROM I will be able to get into the system root files to modify the throttle lock on the phone. This is all in theory, of course, from what I have located. All the tutorials I have looked into do not give enough info to fully understand and use their methods. Currently on my phone, I have an installed PDAnet which i am using for wired internet on my PC. (I do not have internet at my residence currently.) It also seems I am having issues downloading some files online, maybe due to timeout or something, but I cannot be sure. As you can guess, this is getting pretty frustrating. I am also running ROM manager. I am at the point where I cannot go any further in what I am attempting to do unless I get assistance. Also, Youtube seems fairly useless in this particular issue and variations of this issue.

    So in short, I ask that someone please assist me with this and be as detailed as you can to clear up any miscommunication. Please use and/or explain any jargon that you use.

    Thank you for any posts that you make in response. I will be looking into this thread for posts.

    Also. I am currently running The default android and did a Factory Data Reset.It is Android Version 2.2.1.
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