Droid RAZR Utility for Windows updated with 6.12.173 fastboot files!

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    If you own a Droid Razr you will be happy to know that the Razr Utility has been updated to include the latest Fastboot files to easily flash your Razr back to stock in case you goof up or need to return it for waranty purposes or whatever! Incase you aren't familiar the Razr Utility does a whole list of Root activities and does then with the simple stroke of a key. Some of the things that it does are Flashes your Razr back to stock with the latest Fastboot files (6.12.173), Roots Razr via MotoFail, Unroots, Installs Voodoo OTA rootkeeper, Installs Bootstrap Recovery, Installs Safestrap Recovery, Overclock Install, System pull, and many other root functions. Its always nice to have a super easy way to do things!

    Grab the updated utility here!

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