Droid Razr - USB Mode doesn't work (have tried multiple solutions)& How to Back Up?

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    I've had my Motorola Droid Razr for about a year. I ordered it online around the time it first came out.
    I've only ever had one problem with it which occurred about 4-6 months after owning my phone.
    My USB mode doesn't work on my phone.
    I've just lived with taking my SD card out manually or using MotoCast to DL files from my PC.

    I've tried:
    •Different cables(all stock cables from friends)
    •Different computers(WinXP and Win7)
    •Turning my computer off and on
    •Re-installing Windows
    •Turning my Droid Razr off and on
    •Resetting Phone to factory
    •Adjusting the tongue inside my phones USB port

    And maybe one or two that I may have forgotten.

    At this point I'm almost positive it's my phone. I'm going to take it to Verizon and they'll probably give me a refurbished phone or something.
    Is there a way for me to back-up my phone and install everything back on to the refurbished phone exactly how my current phone is set up?

    Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated.
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