Droid RAZR Stuck on Reboot

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    Hello, all. This may have been answered 100 bazillion times, but I'm new to this and not quite sure what to do.
    I have a Razr on ICS, rooted, but only used the root to quaratine/freeze bloatware. It has been working fine, but within the last month, a tiny strip on the right side does not detect touch...however, that is not my issue, I am just mentioning it in case it is somehow involved.
    Last night I was having issues updating apps in Google Play. I resolved it by unfreezing everything and clearing cache/data on Google Services and removing my Google account and readding. Updates worked, all fine. Then I refroze background and bloatware apps. I am afraid I may have frozen something important, because I turned off my phone to charge more quickly, and upon turning it back on, it is stuck on the boot screen (this part specifically: http://androidheadlines.com/images/droid-razr-for-at-amazon-wireless-new-accounts-only_zaarn_0.jpg) It will just cycle that image over and over.
    I tried Matt's Utility, but for one, I'm not really sure which to do. I got my phone into AP Fastboot (http://www.xda-developers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/AP-Fastboot-613x1024.jpg?139d23), but when I try running options on the utility, nothing is detected. I am unable to navigate anything on the Fastboot screen, am I supposed to?
    Really, all I want to do is reset my phone so it can turn on. I want to unfreeze all apps and unroot my phone so I can take it in for warranty fix of that issue with the screen not working on one side... If I can just start up my phone normally, I can handle it from there (most likely).
    Sorry if this has been asked so many times, but I'm at a loss of what to do. Any help is appreciated.
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