Droid Razr Startup Failure

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    I got my droid razr back in January of 2012 and I just decided to root it and install a custom rom (Eclipse) when my phone was running ICS. After doing all this Verizon sent out the jellybean update which I then tried to install. The update looked like it was working for a minute, but after about 5 minutes the update droid on the screen turned into a dead droid with a flashing red triangle which I assumed meant it failed. After this failed I tried to install the JB update manually through bootloader, but after I did this the phone would not start on the stock rom. The sound was normal and after the normal startup the buttons turned on, but the screen never loads. I can still run my phone on the Eclipse rom so its accesible, but I cannot revert to the stock rom to make any changes. Any ideas on why this is happening or how to fix it? Thanks!
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