Droid Razr MAXX does not use the SD Card

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    I have bought my last Motorola, unless you guys can talk me out of it. I have found that Motorola mounted about 6 BG of internal memory, named it SD card, and named the real SD card SD - ext. Well guess what, all the android programs write to the SD card....which is internal in the Razr MAXX. I have a 16 GB SD card with nothing on it.

    I found this out when I changed phones the other day. "just restore your data base from the backups that my program wrote to your SD card"....NOT. Those backups were on the 6 GB partition that went back with the phone.

    This is also why you run out of memory in the RAZR.

    Anyone know something that I do not know? I would love to be wrong about this.
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