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    Hi everyone,
    I am new here to these forums as I have found a problem (bug maybe) with my phone. At first the preinstalled music player and youtube apps would work, but recently I have found them to not be working at all. This is also the same for any internet radio apps. i did get my music files to run through a music player app from the market place, but I cannot get my music to work. I even tried watching youtube videos from the browser and they do not work either.

    My boss did put on my phone a bootstrap file and Z4Root. I did a temporary root on my phone, but I changed nor added any files in my phone while it was rooted. It said after rebooting my phone it would turn off the root so I restarted it and left it at that. After the rooting process is when I noticed that the media files would not work. Is there any way to fix this? I deleted the Z4Root, but that did not work. I constatly back up my phone through the backup assistant, so is there a way I could go to a certain date and basically restore my phone to that date?

    edit: I do still have the Bootstrap.apk and z4root.apk in my SD card files if I need to use that, but I do not know how to access that really.

    edit2: I dont think I rooted it directly through Z4. I used this video () To go through the process then also did the Z4 after (temporary). Is that the problem? Is it still technically rooted and I just havent done anything with it from there to get anything to work?
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