Droid R2-D2 Site Is Live

Discussion in 'Android News' started by WenWM, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Well if you did not know, Droid is a name owned by the creators of star wars and as such, they get a piece of the action... But it seems Motorola wanted a bit more special as a thank you and this new Droid is available on the site. The new Droid that has been making rumor headlines since brought to our attention is now online for those that want to nerd up their lives a bit more and want a chick repellent.

    There is not much else to say about it except the device is clocked at 1Ghz, not 1.2Ghz, and it cost $240 rather than the $200 the regular Droid cost.

    Head over to the Verizon's site and you a piece of the action.

    Via: Droid-Life