Droid problems and VZW's warranty

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    I purchased my D1 in February of this year. It started acting kind of funny this summer, so I warranty exchanged it. Then the new one they sent me would not connect to the wifi at my apartment or on campus, ever. I didn't get around to exchanging it until a few weeks ago though, because my schedule has been crazy busy. The new one they sent me came out of the box with the camera lens bezel not being flush with the surrounding glass, but the camera worked fine so I kept it. The wifi worked as well, but in the last couple days its began giving me problems again. It keeps saying "disconnected" even though the wifi is on and I repeatedly try to connect it (at home and campus). I just called VZW, and the lady said they can only replace it with another D1, then she continued to push an upgrade on me, even offering some "special discount" and 1 month of free service for the primary line. Although thats actually a rather good deal, $180 off on top of the usual upgrade price, I dont want to use my parents upgrades...especially considering there should be some sweet LTE phones out in the next few months. I just want a D1 that works, or an upgrade to something better that works, no garbage devour or eris. Now IIRC, after a certain time, 6PM-7PM maybe, VZW reps leave and a third party takes over answering calls for VZW. That could explain her inability to offer me other options; even though I am going on phone 4 here. Also, that definitely explains why she kept pushing the upgrade with her ONLY, because I dont think VZW CSR's make commission but I bet a third party does. So can anyone shed some light on this situation? Should I just try calling back during regular business hours? I want a resolution to this and not a 4th D1 that was worse than the 3rd, which was worse than the 2nd..etc. Has anyone been in my situation and had a different outcome?
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