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    True, but Motorola kind of had some quality issues for a while as well. Time will tell on this one. BB went completely South in their quality though. And of course there is the king of quality in the average consumer auto industry...oh wait..they were covering up things. Ha ha.[/QUOTE]

    we have problems with our sliders getting loose and muffed voice/sound from phone calls. i heard the problem with voice is caused by Android OS which will be taken care of once we get our OTA update. I'm not sure if the certain problems still exist. I got a refurb from Verizon and never had same problems again. I also found out muffed voice is due to me covering the little damn mic on top of the camera in the center when I usually talk on my bed laying down, but muffed voice did happen on regular basis not just on my bed. But HTC N1's main problem is cause by their touchscreen component which is inferior to Droid's ( although they are from same company, Droid has newer version Synaptics 3000)
    I also found out very interesting thing from this one article...

    " Diane Hackborn is an Android framework engineer. She says the problem is not the Android platform. She does mention that the DROID has a special code and it is this special code that Android and Me says is the reason why the latter out performs the N-One"

    well, you guys can read this article here

    So bottom line?? Even though N1 is THE GOOGLE Phone and came out few months after Droid, they still decided to put inferior touchscreen which is almost 3 years old ( and some N1 fanboys are saying they can "improve the performance" by installing cyanogen mod. But this just improves, it doesn't actually change their outdated touchscreen component and I thought HTC was specialized in making smartphones.... The fact that Droid has better touchscreen component is just very silly considering N1 being the GOOGLE Phone and their flagship mobile device which also came few months after the Droid ( and seriously, n1 has been in news, at least on Google news, forever!!).
    As of today, we definitely know which phone is carrying the android banner... It's the Droid on Verizon's most reliable network which is leading the android invasion (and we still got those ever evolving Droid TV commercials / Youtube viral ads lol). It is also a safe bet to say that the Droid is basically the only smartphone out there holding and gaining it's ground against iPhone. (and we still got those ever evolving Droid TV commercials / Youtube viral ads lol). How many times did you see someone carrying N1??? not that many..
    Go Hokies!!!!
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