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    iv heard of ppl that have had this problem before... you tag all of your songs on ur computer, you sync your songs to your phone and go to play a genre, and it adds songs that are not actually in the genre and plays them too.

    Im using Astro Player btw.

    When i go into the music browser and select which genre i want to listen to. i look at the artists it lists before i hit play and they all seem correct, but it selects songs by artists that were not under the selected genre. all of my tags are correct.

    iv done a little research so far and apparently droids dont read id3v2 tags very well or something, and they should be id3v1 tags... iv downloaded mp3tag to try and fix this problem but i cannot figure out how to just convert the type of tag...

    if anyone has a solution to this problem please explain to me how to do it, it would be much appreciated as this problem is very annoying. thank you.
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