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    Hey guys, i just got the droid 5 days ago and i have many questions i have regarding the music and video capabilities and functions of the droid.

    First of all, loading the music. Currently what i do is i plug it in and copy paste the music into the music folder. This method works, but it is a little too mechanical. Is there any application that does it in a neater fashion, sort of like iTunes?
    (i tried double twist, i did not understand it)

    Videos/Movies. How do they look on the droid? As an ipod toucher owner, i was spoiled with the beautiful video quality and ease of uploading onto the ipod. How would i import videos and movies onto the droid? How is the quality? What is the ideal resolution of the clip?

    Lastly, how would i have each song, artist, and album grouped perfectly together, as the ipod interface does. How about album and movie artwork? How would i have that?

    Thanks. Sorry for the very basic questions :)
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