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    Hi! We just purchased a Droid MAXX HD and we are having trouble with setting up the Exchange mail on the phone. I have talked with Verizon, Motorola and Microsoft and so far, no one can help me. I have been searching online for various solutions and have tried many, but none have worked. We were using the Droid X2 and it works fine. The day we got the MAXX HD, the mail on that phone does not work. We have one Droid X2 still working, but were thinking about upgrading our phones, but if there is no solution, we will not.

    We are running Exchange 2007 and trying to connect with a new Droid MAXX HD phone. We get an error message "can't connect to server". I am the IT guy so I know all of the server info is correct. I have checked and rechecked it to make sure. I have tried to insall the Exchanger certificate, but it can't read .cer file extensions....on the Droid X2, we did not need to install the certs....

    The Droid MAXX HD is running Jelly Bean which from what I hear may be the problem.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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