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    I will most likely be using a Droid for my work as a newspaper photographer soon. I want to use the phone in conjunction with my Mac laptop running OS 10.4 to transmit photos.

    Right now, we use a Verizon USB modem to get on the 3G network as well as an FTP client on the Mac to send stuff.

    I understand direct tethering isn't supported for the Droid, but so far I have these three solutions I am looking to try and on which I would love feedback.

    1. Install an FTP client on the Droid, treat it like a mass storage device when connected to the computer. Save images which must be sent on the Droid's SD card and just use the Droid FTP client to transmit.

    2. Bluetooth DUN. I think I can install PDAnet on the Droid alone and then do the Bluetooth DUN thing the same way I have been doing with older cell phones for years. What I don't know here is if, like the full on PDAnet app on the laptop, this will be crippled by the fact that we are stuck with Mac OS 10.4.

    3. SOCKS proxy. I understand in principal how this would work in order to get web browsing going via the Droid's 3G connection. What I don't know is whether I could use the Mac's FTP client with this sort of connection.

    OK, that's what I have come up with so far. I am certainly open to other more elegant solutions. What do you have?
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