Droid Losing Wireless Connections....

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    I have had my droid and have had it rooted for about a year now. I've flashed through a countless number of ROMs, and about a month ago I ran into a problem. After flashing a gingerbread ROM, I discovered that I had no 3G at all, and was unable to send or receive text messages. I was able to make calls, and sometimes receive them but not always. I rebooted and re flashed a bunch of other ROMs but nothing made the issue go away. Thinking it was a gingerbread thing, I started flashing froyo ROMs but experienced the same issue. Due to this issue taking the phone out of my smartphone, I went back to stock/unrooted and the problem went away. About a week ago, I got tired of my phone not being rooted (and tired of looking at that god awful status bar) and rooted my phone for the second time. I started out with cyanogenmod 7 and customized everything to my liking. Everything ran smoothly until about a day ago when I flashed simply stunning 5.4. The same problem returned and I have not been able to get rid of it. If anyone is experiencing the same issue or has advice to fixing this, I would greatly appreciate your knowledge as I DO NOT want to return to stock. Thanks in advance.
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