Droid limiting me sufficient pictures/video?

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by Kelranox, Nov 5, 2011.

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    Know that all of these issues occurred after the latest major software update where the 3G text turned a lighter blue color...well, among other things but that's the primary difference I instantly spot.

    So, on and off I do video blogs for Youtube and as such, I utilize my Droid X for that. Understand that I've absolutely NO media on my phone beyond what is default, as well as a few apps that I've downloaded here and there. Beyond that, no songs (beyond my ring tone and my notification tone) as well as no videos, I -always- delete whatever videos and pictures are taken on them. One day I'm doing a vlog and come to the end of it, yet when I press for the video to end it simply sits on the recording screen without showing any signs of it ending. I simply shrug it off, put it in my pocket and walk back to the apartment hoping the issue will resolve itself once I've made it home. Unfortunately, it doesn't.

    Given that it didn't save and as such, became corrupted, I decide to delete it and do said vlog again. However, after having deleted it my phone acts as though I did no such thing and the storage on the phone remains as if a video is still there, when it clearly isn't.

    Max time for video: 11:42

    Max pictures: 447

    Those -should- be higher, so...any suggestions?

    Oh and this isn't related to that necessarily but I've found my phone randomly turning itself back on after I turn it off. Any idea? That's bugging the crap out of me.
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    The turning back on when you shut it off--I've read that a factory reset may help.

    As far as storage. Some ideas:
    - delete the LOST.DIR folder on your SD card
    - clear system cache partition
    - perhaps clear data/cache for camera & camcorder via phone settings > applications
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