Droid is unstable, having lots of problems

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    So I was running PE 5.0.2 and decided to switch to another ROM because I was getting FC often, music would stop randomly, messages were sometimes not recieved, basically nothing was working right. Tried liquidGB, similar problems and worse. Tried Ultimate droid, google welcome app FCd immediately so I didn't even bother with it, tried saphire which was pretty much just vanilla froyo, but with more problems such as intermittent data connection, google sync not working right. Now I am trying stock GB, wish me luck. I am using an OG droid, originally overclocked to 1ghz but I tried all this at 600mhz, wiped data/cache every time I changed ROMs. I have had nothing but problems since I used PE5, 4.2 worked almost perfectly and even while the phone was overclocked.

    update: So far stock android seems to be working alright. I guess I will just wait until a custom ROM comes out that is 100% stable. I don't think any GB ROMs are good enough to be usable yet. The features are nice, but above all I need a phone that performs all the functions a phone should without having to mess with it every day.
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