Droid is Great - Ya get a Nano & Garmin for Free!!

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    I bot the Droid on the 1st day Verizon offered it 4 sale; I previously owned the BB World Edition w/ Verizon. Not being much of a techy, I had problems w/ my BB after I left the employ of a company that set me up on its corp server (couldn't get email to work right after I left, very frustrating but fixable if I knew what to fix!). Separately, I do a lot of road biking & running, logging bike rides w/ my cateye double-wireless and logging runs using my Apple Nano w/ Nike+ running shoes & chip. All that was working great 'til this summer when, in separate incidents, my cateye smashed on the road & met its maker and my Nano just plain quit working (sent it off to a repair shop which declared it officially dead). So, I had a semi-functioning BB phone and no workout logging devices. Then, miraculously, Verizon announced this "Droid" thingy! Making matters a bit better, by November I had already qualified for Verizon's "new every 2" deal, lightening the financial hit for buying the Droid. Well, I gotta say I'm quite impressed/pleased w/ my little Droid. It works w/ multiple email accounts (Gmail & Yahoo), surfs the web quite nicely, even makes phone calls (and Verizon helped me import my old contact list from the BB, a carryover from my corp Outlook contacts database). Now, just those things, to me, justified the price for the Droid ($150 net), but the really cool stuff comes along "for free" w/ the Droid. With its GPS system, available apps and sd memory card, I'm able to use this little Droid to log all my bike rides and runs (I'm using the CardioTrainer app) which tracks my route (using a Google maps system), and my workout stats incl time/distance/ave pace/calories burned/vertical climb and it automatically turns on my stored song playlist when I start my workout. Now, it doesn't display "cadence" when biking (at least, not that I know of), but I can certainly live w/ that omission - especially when this stuff is free! And I was thinking of buying a new Apple Nano for, like, $150-175! Don't need it now. And, a Garmin-based biking computer can be upwards of $300 - don't need that, either. I'm psyched about this new Droid-thingy!! No, it's not perfect, I know (don't like that ya can't power it off when its charging).