Droid has been acting up this week...

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid' started by tagg, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I was on my way to work one morning this week and noticed all my contacts and call logs were erased...Thankfully Lookout restored my contacts.
    Today I was surfing around in the Market and I noticed it said I didn't have the Youtube app installed...I went to Downloads and it was blank, it said I had nothing in there. I had everything in my Apps drawer(Thankfully). As I continued to look around the Market it did say "Installed" next to some of them.
    WOW, I just looked @ Downloads and everything is listed in there again...wtf. So I guess thats not an issue anymore...
    I also have the Homescreen lag I have read about on here. I hit the home button and it shows the background, but all my widgets and ect take a few seconds to appear, not a huge issue just annoying.
    Are these common issues to be experiencing on non-rooted D1? I feel like a phone that has not been altered should run a little more smooth than this one. I am strongly contemplating rooting... but I am under the impression rooted phones take more maintenance and time to keep running smoothly, is that correct?
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