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Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by mwhartman, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Last week, I finally rooted my phone. Prior to rooting, I read so many threads, articles, and visited so many Web sites that I reached information overload.

    I used a manual process to root which had me install a update.zip file to do the actual root. Then, I performed a flash and installed SPRecovery. Next, I used a terminal emulator to activate SU privileges, created a virgin backup, created an nandroid folder followed with a advanced nandroid backup. Finally, I downloaded and installed the Bugless Beast update.zip rom.

    I still have so much to learn about this phone, the ability to customize and terminology. So I'm looking to folks who have a much better knowledge base.

    I read about themes, skins, wallpapers, etc.
    Prior to rooting, I installed Beautiful Widgets and used a great beach scene as my wallpaper. Now that I've installed BuglessBeast, I would like to continue customizing my phone.

    I've seen so many comments in the threads about adding and changing a theme. Much of what I read makes sense. However, there is much that I do not understand. For example, one member wrote "In the thread it says "simply download the link, unzip it and place the zip file in Androidthemes in your SD card. open MM. select "pick theme". select the dock theme. select the dock.apk. and hit apply it."

    I’ve use Root Explorer and Astro but I've not been able to find the Androidthemes file with either tool. Where do I find that particular file? Since I've not downloaded that particular zip file I'm guessing that it contains the MM file included in the thread."

    Other threads suggest downloading a zip file and move into Busybox. As I mentioned earlier, the process I used to root did not require Busybox. On the Alldroid Web site (AllDroid - View topic - [ROM] Bugless Beast V0.7.5 (2/10/10)) that provides screen shoots and a list of added; the last added item is Busybox.

    If I understand correctly, the developer (Pete) has included Busybox in the rom so that leads me to believe that, when making changes, I am able to use that tool. Is that correct? If so, where do I find the Busybox file?

    Yesterday, I read a comment in the hacking thread about skinning widgets. The follow up to a post said "And I should put it in the /system/app folder if I'm doing say the Audio Manager Widget?"

    As with Androidthemes and Busybox, I am unable to locate the system/app folder. Where it that particular file located?

    If there is a site or book that may contain answers and terminology to my questions would you please pass me the url or title. If not, any response or recommendations that you can provide are greatly appreciated.

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    The Androidthemes file you are referring to comes from MetaMorph....an app from the Market. It does a lot of themes that people have made and also requires another app called Andexplorer...just a file manager that Metamorph requires...but, be careful as Metamorph can still harm your phone just like anything else can....