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    I couldn't check FB with my LG 8350 -- but I could actually use that phone to make phone calls.

    Just got a certified like-new replacement, and still having troubles.

    main reason for the replacement: frequent dropped calls.

    The muting with your face is frustrating.
    Miss not having distinct text ringtones per contact.

    Other problems before replacement:
    4 menu buttons lose back light
    One time, camera clicked and wouldn’t open – lost 2 recently taken photos that should have been on SD card
    Lots of force closes
    Browser closes mid-use often

    And 2 days in with the replacement and this same problem occurred:
    Sometimes when I turn off the screen, if I want it back on, it won’t come back on. Once it was very dim, but unusable and then phone rebooted. Another time, I couldn’t do anything until I removed the battery.

    Isn't there an event viewer that logs unexpected behavior?