Droid FRG83 Deodexed Update

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    I have the FRG83 Update.zip if any of you all want it. I tried to figure out a way to post the file on my thread, but it didnt go so good. What I did was hit the attach a file icon then browsed the file hit upload then it was taking forever, so im not to sure that was working. If you want this file Email me or PM me and ill get back to you as quick as I can. For some reason Motorola has banned the file from multiple websites so people cannot dowload it, I just got my copy before hand. All you have to do is rename it to update.zip not update.zip.zip, it does work, I loaded it up on my Droid. I tried to attach it but first time it said something about securety soI went into the files properties and unblocked for use on other computers im waiting to see if this works. Im not to sure it will because the file is almost 74mb and only allowed not even 10mb so I will prob. have to email to someone then that person could figure out how to give it to everyone else, as im not that computer smart. LOL. Okay it said that there was a securety token missing whatever that means.

    Update: I was able to put it up on megaupload so if you wanted this then the direct download is


    You all are welcome!


    If you all can let me know how to load the file on here then i would be greatful, until then ill have to go one by one (Lame).
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