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    Ive had this "certified preowned" droid replacement from verizon since 8/10. This after my original 12/09 droid had a headphone jack short. (they replaced it free).
    Im not running much, have over half of my internal and sd card memory left.

    It keeps freezing or twitching. I can use my phone less than 50% of the time. Tonight it took 20 minutes to make a phone call.

    They have already factory rebooted it and wiped everything clean. Guy at the store said it looks like a OS glitch vs. touch screen itself.

    Verizon seems to agree with me that its not MY fault yet cant do anything to help me. (Due to a divorce and getting my ex off my account it restarted my contract so Im not due for an upgrade till 8/11).

    I need my phone to work. Is there any help?
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