Droid for texting problems! HELP ME!!!

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    Hello all, hope I am posting this issue in the right place... I have done some searching on the topic and have not yet been able to find any answers...

    Intermittently, when I attempt to I input text into a text box, my keyboard does not type the letters/numbers when they are pressed. My cursor does not move. What's strange is that my autocorrect bar above the keyboard does recognize the letters typed, but again, no letters appear in the text box.

    I use the regular texting app... not sure if the problem is related to the app, because even when this problem occurs, it is not fixed by manually switching to the Android keyboard...

    This happens to me in multiple apps at random intervals, sometimes twice a day, sometimes twice a month, and I cannot recognize any patterns. Sometimes the issue fixes itself after a few moments, other times I have to reboot my phone. I've tried force closing my keyboard app, doesn't help. Also using my physical keyboard does not work either. When the problem occurs it occurs across all apps - text messaging, facebook, twitter, etc... I can not type anywhere!

    If anyone may be able to point me to a solution, I would greatly appreciate it! Such an annoying issue I shouldn't have to deal with! Help me please this does it every time it goes to sleep after i don't use it for a while. i have the droid 4
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